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The World Health Organization has called Climate Change the greatest threat to public health in the 21st century. People everywhere are buying Carbon offsets to help accelerate the development of clean energy generation systems.

The Sextant Foundation is offering you something more – Tons of Hope. “Tons of Hope” are carbon offsets generated by projects completed by the Sextant Foundation to bring solar power to people who have few resources. When you buy a Ton of Hope, your money will go to buy the panels for the next project; your purchase will give Hope.

But, because we are using volunteers to train local people to put the Sextant panels on the roofs of medical facilities, we are bringing training (to install and maintain systems), local jobs (to install and maintain the panels), clean air (displacing loud noxious diesel generators), better access to healthcare (energy can be one of the largest costs for low-resourced healthcare facilities), and most of all, hope.

And so, a “normal” ton of carbon might cost $12 ( But, a normal ton does not support health and healthcare, in addition to fighting the threat to public health; a Ton of Hope is the ultimate tool for advancing public health.

A Ton of Hope costs $2,000.* Your Ton of Hope will provide 50 watts of solar power for the next project, and $1,988 of it will be tax deductible. Because every dollar counts, and goes directly to the projects, you can purchase Pounds of Hope, at $1 per pound.

You may also buy pounds of hope for $1/pound with a minimum purchase of 100 pounds.


What are the Benefits of Buying a Ton of Hope?

Solving this problem is going to take all of us, and this mechanism provides a crowd-sourced way for everyone to help. Here are some of the benefits when you buy a Ton of Hope:

  • Work towards becoming carbon neutral by buying Sextant’s special carbon offsets generated through Sextant’s solar projects around the globe.
  • Get a Tax deduction. More than 99% of the contributions made are tax deductible (the cost of a Ton of Hope less the market value of a ton of carbon).
  • Get a Sextant Carbon Offset Certificate. The ton of carbon offset is real. You’ll get a carbon off-set certificate for the carbon removed from the atmosphere. The certificate is frameable and is designed to highlight your Tons of Hope contribution.
  • Be a Change maker and gain the confidence of knowing that 100% of each dollar you contribute is helping give much more reliable healthcare by providing clean energy and water to communities in need.
  • Stay Connected with the projects you have purchased from and the projects that are being developed through a Quarterly Report from Sextant detailing the progress of our projects, and in particular, the impacts your project is having on the community. A lasting relationship with the clinic you support and the local community via updates about the ongoing impact of your donation.
  • Press/Media Exposure. You can let the world know you are supporting the causes of healthy people and a healthy planet by showing and talking about your Ton of Hope.
  • Logo Attribution. We are accounting for the offsets we generate and sell. We will display them, with your logo, on our website and through social media.
  • Recognition Moniker. We will provide you with a ‘badge’ for placement on your website and print materials highlighting your contributions to the Sextant Foundation.
  • Be a clean energy champion. Know that you are part of an elite group who is working together to make a difference. Get the satisfaction of being a supporter of a healthier world by supplying clean energy to a healthcare facility in the developing world.

Note: To ensure that the projects are truly generating the promised carbon reductions, carbon offsets in most markets are certified by accredited companies using standard protocols. The costs of these certifications are so high that smaller projects cannot afford them – the certifications cost more than the offsets are worth. So, Mazzetti (, an international engineering company, is donating its services to certify these offsets in accordance with the Gold Standard (

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Become Carbon Neutral

Solving this problem is going to take all of us,
and this mechanism provides a crowd-sourced
way for everyone to help.

See how we can work together and make a difference.

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