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Why support a Sextant project with your financial contributions? Sextant projects work to provide reliable energy to power critical lighting, essential equipment, clean water systems and other vital health care needs, while saving limited resources that should be spent on providing care.

Many hospitals and health clinics around the world are energy poor. They are without critical lighting to perform both simple and complex tasks or without consistent energy to power vaccine refrigerators. Energy can also be unreliable, and when it is available, it’s expensive. Clinics sometimes spend more money on diesel energy than on medicine. Finally, as either primary or back-up sources of energy, diesel fuel is not only expensive but also emits toxic fumes into the community.

Sextant financial models create affordable, sustainable solutions that are customized to the project needs. We use a combination of “power purchase agreements” (PPAs), carbon offsets, in-kind donation of materials and labor, and financial contributions to make it all work.

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There Are Several Ways To Support Projects… 


Simply make a financial contribution to the Sextant Foundation.
No contribution is too small,
or too large! 

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Work towards becoming carbon neutral by buying Sextant’s special carbon offsets generated through Sextant’s solar projects around the globe.

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Support a specific project with critical funding to get that project completed. Visit the Projects page for a specific list of opportunities to Support a Project.

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Invest in a project that provides clean energy and water, and get a return on your investment.
What could be better. Contact us to find out more.

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Engage more deeply with your financial support, encouraging volunteers, or helping with in-kind donations. Benefits are long-term and substantial.

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