Our Story

Who We Are

The Sextant Foundation was founded to develop and implement sustainable development projects that connect engineering and innovation where it’s critically needed – at healthcare settings in the developing world.

We want to improve the environmental, financial and human conditions in low-resourced health centers around the world, and to bolster health system capacity.

Our Projects

Sextant’s Board of Directors

What We Do

  • Bring affordable, sustainable energy and clean water to hospitals and clinics
  • Install solar panels to provide reliable energy
  • Power essential lighting, vaccine refrigerators and clean water systems
  • Provide affordable energy to put those limited dollars back into critical care
  • Replace expensive and toxic diesel fuel with clean and sustainable solar power
  • Build local capacity through training and education that transfers responsibility to the community
  • Partner with businesses, organizations and people because together, we can do more

Global Projects

We have partnered to help many locations around the world. Below are some of the areas of our previous and current global projects.

  • Haiti
  • Dominican Republic
  • Honduras
  • Philippines
  • India


How YOU Can Help

Working together in small and big ways, contributing time, expertise and/or materials, together —
we can make real change, real hope. Would you like to Get Involved? Click below to find out how…

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