In-Kind Donations

Do you have viable materials that could be put to use helping Sextant Projects to deliver healthcare with clean energy and water? Please do let us know. Sextant projects are committed to maximizing resources, including the purchase of equipment and materials, and the efficient transportation to get that stuff to the project.  Sometimes we purchase “locally” and sometimes it’s best to bring the equipment with us. 

Please visit the individual project pages for specific project needs or you can contribute materials to the Foundation to be used at its discretion on the best suited project.

We encourage major in-kind donors to become a Sextant Partner. Partnering organizations work with Sextant in a wide variety of capacities, from coordinating volunteers, working in country on logistics, to contributing materials and equipment!  Click here to read more about the benefits of being a Sextant Partner.

Please contact us to contribute in any way you can and to find out more.

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The Types Of Donations We Are In Need Of...

Solar Panels

DC Vaccine Refrigerators

Electrical & System Components

DC Lights

Clean Water Systems

Frequent Flier Miles

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