Many health care facilities around the world lack critical power needed to perform their work of caring for patients. And when energy is available, it’s often expensive. Clinics frequently spend more money on diesel fuel – which emits toxic fumes – than on medicine that heals and saves lives. 

More than 40 percent of the global population is affected by limited access to safe drinking water. This health issue is expected to grow even worse, as we continue to face hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters.   

Our projects provide reliable, affordable, clean energy and water solutions to help health centers maximize the care they provide. We are a non-profit organization of volunteers, committed to these health centers and the people they employ and care for. We use a combination of power purchase agreements, carbon offsets, in-kind donations and financial contributions to make it all work.

And 100% of donations go entirely to serve our projects. 


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Work towards becoming carbon neutral by buying Sextant’s special carbon offsets generated through Sextant’s solar projects around the globe.

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Invest in a project that provides clean energy and water, and get a return on your investment.
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Engage more deeply with your financial support, encouraging volunteers, or helping with in-kind donations. Benefits are long-term and substantial.

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