Bringing Clean Water to Puerto Rico Communities

Bringing Clean Water to Puerto Rico Communities

33% Donated/$6,700 To Go
Sextant and Mazzetti volunteers are partnering with the Department of Health and Project HOPE to bring clean water to Puerto Rico communities.
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Bo Government Hospital

0% Donated/$10,000 To Go
Sextant Foundation is bringing its expertise in solar installation, and commitment to the people and healthcare communities we serve, to Sierra Leone.
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Village Health Works

0% Donated/$200,000 To Go
“Where there is Health, there is HOPE!” Help Village Health Works and Sextant provide sustainable and resilient energy and clean water and bring more health and more hope to Burundi!
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Birthing Centers in the Camotes Islands

100% Donated/$0 To Go
These birthing centers are reliant on municipal energy which is regularly shut off at scheduled times of day depending on the region. Unfortunately it is all but impossible to schedule a baby’s arrival. Babies are often born by the light of a flashlight.
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Pan American Health Services (PAHS)

11% Donated/$57,500 To Go
Long Term Impact: The new infant/toddler nutrition center, already under construction, will provide more room for the growing under five population at PAHS. A solar panel system will provide reliable and more cost effective energy for the new much larger nutrition center, so that more funds can be redistributed to the direct care of the children.
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