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Sextant Foundation is bringing its expertise in solar installation, and commitment to the people and healthcare communities we serve, to Sierra Leone. The key to our solution is battery capacity – we need to ensure they have enough storage available for sustained power, especially during the rainy season. The neonatal unit at Bo Government Affiliated Teaching Hospital has additional power needs beyond the critical oxygen concentrators, including baby warmers and incubators, phototherapy units, refrigerators and freezers, water heaters and more. To support this equipment, we aim to design and install a 20 KW three phase solar system with enough storage capacity to continue providing power for four days. This solar array will replace the need for expensive diesel, which is harmful to the environment, and provide a reliable source of energy. Our volunteers will work closely with the hospital’s facility staff to ensure they are confident in maintaining this robust system over time, and we will monitor the solar panels through online metering.


The neonatal care unit of Bo Government Affiliated Teaching Hospital in Sierra Leone lacks a reliable source of power. They only have electricity when the local grid is working, and when it isn’t, newborns requiring oxygen need to be transferred out of the unit, and some don’t survive the outage. When we heard of this issue, we were heartbroken, and quickly made plans to partner with the Ministry of Health, Project HOPE, and UNICEF to provide a solution.

If you want to help us provide a sustainable, affordable, reliable energy solution for the newborns and families at Bo Government Hospital in Sierra Leone with a financial contribution, you can donate here. If your company can contribute an in-kind donation, please contact us. Thank you for your support of our work – your contributions will help save lives.

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This project is currently open. Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering on this project.

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